Project Hands On:
Project Hands On, is exactly what it says, a hands on approach to the collection and distribution of funds and resources for the needs of the moment without having to deal with the bureaucracy and red tape usually associated with some other charitable programs.  The EKF appoints trusted members of "Unit E" to ensure all activities are conducted in an efficient and transparent manner.

PHO-Focus: Stop Foreclosures Now
The recent real estate market downturn has caused financial hardship and unbearable stress. Families are unable to keep their homes, children are being  displaced from schools and friends.  If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure the first Tuesday of next month, call us now.

PHO-Focus: Pakistan Flood Relief
Given the devastation caused by the recent severe flooding in Pakistan.  The Eklectik Foundation has combined relief efforts with PIA Airlines to collect and distribute “Family Survival Packs” to the affected areas of Pakistan.

PHO-Focus: Re’Build
In Focus Re’Build, the Eklectik Foundation receives submissions from those in need and reviews what can be done to help.  We then involve local businesses and/or individuals to participate in the Re’Build process whether home or life repairs.  Each situation is different and taken on in that way based on available resources.

PHO-Focus: the Dinner table
In each culture, holidays come and go, but there are always people left hungry and alone year after year.  Thirty-one million Americans now live in hunger or on the edge of hunger. (State Government Responses to the Food Assistance Gap 2000, Third Annual Report and 50 State Survey, December 2000).  According to the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, The wealthiest nation on Earth has a wider gap between rich and poor than any other nation.  The Eklectik Foundation is setting up “The Dinner Table”, a seasonal dinner for the homeless and hungry of Atlanta.

Additional Programs:
Bi-Polar Awareness
Autism Awareness